Steps to Follow for the Proper Care of an Elderly Person

Steps to Follow for the Proper Care of an Elderly Person

Taking care of an older person is not as easy as it seems and yet everyone at some point is in the situation where they have to take care of one, family or friend, and nobody prepares them or teaches them how to do it, which can be quite frustrating and even become a more difficult task than it really is. Older people need special care because when they reach a certain age, performing tasks that seem simple enough, such as dressing, feeding, walking, among others, becomes very difficult and complicated. Also, simple things such as eating changes a lot, because an older person cannot eat what a young person or an adult eats, the nutrients they need are different and also the food they can chew.

Many times people think that older adults are receiving adequate care simply because they have food, a roof, clothes, and all the essencial things human beings need to live, but caring for an older person goes far beyond that, they need a person who can be 100% aware of their needs, as with a baby. Although it is true that taking care of an elderly person is a difficult task, there are some tips that can help to have the proper care to avoid putting the health of the elderly at risk.

Here are some steps that a person needs to follow in order to take good care of an old person:

Make a diagnosis of the needs of the elderly

Taking care of 100% of the needs of an older person is impossible, it will always be necessary for them to attend at least the doctor, so that they can tell you exactly what their health conditions are and who needs medicines, special care, and food. In addition to all this, it is necessary to talk to the older person and ask how they feel, what they need and what they want, because certain information will only be able to be provided by the older person, in order to be able to do a diagnosis of what is the best way to take care of the elderly.

Take care of the personal hygiene of the elderly

The hygiene of the elderly is something that should be paid close attention because bad hygiene can cause not only that a person suffers from low self-esteem and insecurity, but can be the cause of many diseases.

For the elderly it is very difficult to bathe and dress themselves, that’s why they often stop doing it and do not bathe or change for days. To avoid this it is necessary to be aware of them and ask them if they have already bathed or smelled them to know if a bath is necessary or not.

Things like cutting their nails, cleaning their ears and brushing their teeth are also very necessary.

Establish a daily routine for the elderly

It is very common for older people to feel useless and that can lead them to feel depressed and not want to get out of bed. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to create a daily routine where they can stay busy throughout the day and in this way feel that they are useful. Also, the routine is very important to take care of the memory because it helps them to remember the things that they have to do, and therefore their health.

Keep a record of medications

It is very common for the elderly to need medicines that help them to continue leading a healthy life. After a certain age, all the care that wasn’t taken with the body starts to become noticeable and it reflects in diseases or illnesses, in order to control them and continue leading a normal and healthy life it is necessary to ingest certain medications that have a schedule and a dose that must be followed to the letter in order to lead a healthy life.

Older people often forget things and that’s the reason why them forget to take their medications or many times because they simply do not want to do it because they convince themselves that they do not need them. This is why it is very necessary a person that can keep a record of the medications and help them.

Always stay alert and do not leave them alone for a long period of time

The elderly, like babies, need to be looked after at all the time, because they need help to perform daily tasks such as grooming, eating, bathing and in addition to these common activities, losing strength in the body, not seeing well and forgetting things can put them in danger. That is why is very necessary to stay alert and don’t leave them alone for a long period of time.

All these tasks are difficult to perform and many times people do not have the necessary time to perform them properly, even if they want to, so it is always recommended that if you do not have the time or ability to care of an elderly person in an appropriate way, choose elderly care México, where they will be able to attend any elderly person in the right way.

¿Cuales son los tipos de médicos más conocidos?

¿Cuales son los tipos de médicos más conocidos?

La medicina es una de las profesiones mejor pagadas y con justa razón, pues encargarse de la salud de muchas personas no es cualquier cosa, hay que tener mucha precaución y especializarse lo mejor posible para poder llevar a cabo un buen trabajo y especializarse en las cosas que más necesitan las personas para tener una buena vida. La mayoría de los médicos son médicos generales, sin embargo hoy en día muchos están optando por especializarse y prepararse en un solo aspecto de la medicina para de esta forma poder ayudar de una mejor manera a sus pacientes. Por ello hoy existen diferentes tipos de médicos que se especializan en tratar diferentes cosas.

Médico Pediatra

Un médico pediatra es aquel doctor que se dedica únicamente a tratar casos de niños, que se enfoca en todas las enfermedades que puedan presentarse en los niños, pues es bien sabido que las enfermedades en los niños pueden llegar a ser más delicadas que las de los adultos, también el trato que se le da a un pequeño es muy diferente del trato que se le da a un adulto mayor. Por este motivo hay muchos médicos que tienen paciencia y dedicación y deciden especializarse en los pequeños para poder tratarlos y evitar que desde pequeños empiecen a presentarse ciertas enfermedades o padecimientos.

Médico Radiólogo

Elmédico radiólogo es él médico que decide especializarse en el en el diagnóstico y el tratamiento de enfermedades y lesiones utilizando como técnicas las imágenes médicas que pueden ser los rayos X, la tomografía computada, la resonancia magnética nuclear, la medicina nuclear, la tomografía por emisión de positrones (PET), la integración de imágenes y el ultrasonido, entre otras más. Algunas de estas técnicas de generación de imágenes incluyen el uso de radiación, y requieren de formación para entender las prácticas de seguridad y protección en el área radiológica. Por eso siempre es necesario consultar a los mejores médicos radiólogos Tijuana expertos en esta rama de la medicina para de esta forma evitar poner nuestra salud en peligro y poder vivir tranquilamente.  

Médico Cardiólogo

Un médico cardiólogo es aquel médico que se especializa en tratar todas las enfermedades relacionadas con el corazón.  Algunas de las enfermedades que puede tratar un cardiólogo son la malformación arteriovenosa que es la que se forma cuando las arterias del cerebro se conectan de forma directa con las venas que se encuentran cercanas. Otra es el aneurisma de aorta que consiste en la dilatación de la pared de la arteria y es sumamente peligroso pues impide que la sangre se bombee bien. Y también tratan las insuficiencias cardiacas

Insuficiencia cardíaca, esta es un síndrome que consiste en la incapacidad del corazón de mantener la circulación normal y adeacuada.

Médico Cirujano Plástico

El médico cirujano plástico es uno de los más famosos hoy en día, pues no solo trata casos relacionados con la salud, sino que también ayuda a tratar cuestiones estéticas y a mejorarlas para que las personas se sientan bien tanto de salud como con su aspecto físico. Esta es una profesión bastante especial, pues requiere mucha preparación y dedicación para poder ofrecer los resultados que los pacientes desean, por eso es uno de los médicos mejores pagados.


Why are natural techniques better for me?

Why are natural techniques better for me?

Currently, advances in technology have allowed many things, especially in medicine and cosmetics, things that previously were not possible now are and this has represented a great help for many, many people, as it has made life easier for us in all the senses.

However, just as things are easier now, what many people decide to do is neglect and wait for things to be really serious to be able to take care of themselves, this is something very sad because although it is true that the advances have been very great, it is unnecessary to let things get to such an extreme where we have no choice but to resort to those techniques in order to help us.

A very clear example of this could be diabetes, which, thanks to advances in medicine today is a disease that can be well treated and that if have the proper care, the person who suffers can continue to live their normal life without limitations. As this is known, there are many people who when they know they have diabetes, instead of eating well, exercising regularly and following all the care that a person suffering from diabetes must follow, they keep eating junk and sugary drinks because they know that medicine is going to help them and they think that there will not be any kind of problem, they rely so much on chemicals and technology that it gives them the same.

However, they do not realize that all these advances in medicine were created for when there really is no option that can help people with their health. For example, plastic surgery such as liposuction, is recommend it when you tried to diet and exercise and anyway you cannot lose weight, not when you still do not try anything and just looking for an easy way to lose weight. It is true that all these advances were created to help us, but this does not mean that we should abuse them.

We always have to resort to natural techniques if we can, and natural techniques include good nutrition, exercise, hydration and all that kind of simple things that we put aside today. Furthermore, if we suffer from a condition that is not very serious yet and can be prevented, there are different natural ways by which we can treat ourselves, as is the case of homeopathic medicine that through herbal medicine helps people to treat conditions that are not seriously advanced and thus prevent them from doing so.

Or in the case of dental health, there is also this new technique known as holistic dentistry where oral health is treated in the most natural way and in harmony with the body. The best thing to do is to look for Huggins Protocol Dentist that can help treat oral health, avoiding introducing other types of materials or chemicals in our bodies that may bring us more health problems over time than we already have.

Resorting to natural techniques is always going to be the best option for us and for our health, strong medicine must be left for emergencies because that is what it was created for.

The Most Innovative Dental Treatments

The Most Innovative Dental Treatments

Something we should all worry about is to keep healthy teeth and an enviable smile. In the past having good dental health and keeping a beautiful smile was a bit complicated because the dental treatments to achieve it were scarce, long and had a very high cost. This limited access to dental treatments. Fortunately, today getting an enviable smile is no longer impossible, advances in dentistry have been so great that now there are many treatments through which you can get beautiful teeth.

Some of the most innovative dental treatments that have made many people achieve their dream of having a white and radiant smile are:

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are small, thin pieces of porcelain with a color similar to that of the tooth that is cemented to the front surfaces of natural teeth, with the aim of addressing a variety of physical and aesthetic problems in the teeth.

The procedure to place the dental veneers is developed as follows:

First, the dentist takes an impression of the dental area to be able to adjust the veneer to the size of the natural tooth.

Once you have the piece, a test is done to confirm that it was left with the correct measurement. Afterward, a small part of the tooth is smoothed so that it can be adjusted to the surface of the gum and the teeth with the aim that the veneer protrudes and has a natural appearance. To finish, stick the veneer on the tooth with resinous cement and ready.

The advantage of dental veneers is that they do not need special care, the person who uses dental veneers can continue to wash their teeth in the same way that they do commonly, just in case they do not use dental floss it will be necessary to use it. It is recommended that a dentifrice containing fluoride be used to achieve better cleaning.

It is very common that this treatment was used in cases such as:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Dental Pigmentation
  • Dental Wear
  • Dental chipping
  • Openings between the teeth

Veneers make it possible for a person to obtain and maintain a bright white smile. It is very difficult to see spots on the dental veneers, so you are assured that you will get a bright and lasting smile.


Invisalign is a new technique to obtain a white and bright smile without the need for wires, brackets and other moving parts, such as elastic. This type of treatment is ideal for people who want a discreet treatment.

Invisalign allows all kinds of dental corrections to be made from transparent splints, known as aligners. These aligners are made with a material similar to plastic, which makes them practically invisible. These aligners are removable, which makes them ideal to have better oral hygiene because it allows that the teeth can be brushed in a normal way and that the food can be chewed in the normal way.

Advantages of this dental treatment

  • The aligners used to correct the teeth are transparent and practically invisible.
  • Dental splints are removable, which improves dental hygiene and helps prevent cavities.
  • The final results are practically the same as those obtained with braces with the advantage that it does not interfere with the aesthetics or dental hygiene.
  • Since no wires, no arches, no braces are needed, the treatment is very comfortable.
  • There are no restrictions on food as with braces, nor with the practice of sports.

All On Four

The new All-on-4 treatment provides an effective and fast restoration for patients who need teeth because it is aimed at restoring all the teeth of the upper or lower arch with a reduced number of dental implants.

Through this new technique, the implantation process has been simplified. One of the main characteristics of this treatment is that only 4 implants are placed in the dental arch, without the need to previously graft bone and with a higher percentage of success compared to the rest of implantology techniques.

So the old technique of having to insert 8 or 12 implants is discarded, now it is enough with the placement of 4 implants to achieve the desired smile.

Here are the different types of All-on-4 implants:

  • Standard

This type of implant is used in patients who have enough bone in the upper jaw, where the 4 dental implants are placed.

  • Hybrid

This type of implant is used in patients who have lost part of the bone located in the back of the maxilla.

  • Zygoma

This type of implant is for those patients who have lost the entire maxillary bone. The insertion of four zygoma implants is done. This implant allows the rehabilitation and dental restoration without the need to graft bone.

If you are thinking of getting this treatment you should look for all on 4 implants Tijuana, where you will get the best service at the best price.

Dental Whitening

Teeth whitening is another of the most common dental treatments to obtain a beautiful smile. In this treatment rubber molds that can be adjusted to the denture of the patient are made, later the gums are protected with a rubber protector before applying a whitening gel that will make the teeth shine glistening white.

Although currently there are other types of teeth whitening, such as laser teeth whitening, which is used to accelerate the process by reacting with the previously applied gel in the dental area that you want to whiten. The final results of whitening begin to be noticed a few weeks after the treatment is applied.

This technique is quite used nowadays because it is very simple and not as expensive as others.

Prices of the most famous aesthetic surgeries

Prices of the most famous aesthetic surgeries

Surgeries have always been famous but since the beginning of the century have been more achievable for the general population that saves for a while, not as before that only renowned and wealthy people could now ambition, and anyone can pay.

With the vital thing that little by little beauty is becoming increasingly so do cosmetic surgery Tijuana. For example, with social networks, it has become so essential to have a spectacular body and a perfectly delineated face. But the truth is that this is not always born, that is why many surgeons come to the rescue and promise very good results.

We can be confident that surgical methods are better than 30 years ago when anything was a danger, or you could not be really sure what the result was going to be. Nowadays, we can already know more easily what the previous works of a surgeon have been through the internet pages or their photos on social networks.

Now we can review the most expensive surgeries and how they are performed.

1. Breast implants
One of the most requested and accepted by women in Switzerland costs 10,273 dollars, and Venezuela costs 7,384 dollars, which in the last one is more expensive due to its demand and among the cheapest in India, with 1,624 dollars you can operate. There may be cheaper places, but you have to put your health first, a place too clandestine where they will not be responsible for the operation if something goes wrong.

2. Gluteoplasty
In countries where it is more usual to have the buttocks operated and where it is more common the operation is absolutely in the states of Latin America where a voluptuous body is loved by all men and women, and that is the rule in what is an attractive body. You can get a price of up to $ 20,000, but if you look well, you can find it in Mexico for 4,500. It is not easy to find reasonable prices, and at the same time, they give you quality, excellent service, and guarantees, research everything you can.

3. Rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty is one of the most cared-for surgeries, and you have to choose a professional to carry it out, it is essential always to follow the recommendations of the doctors and not be waiting for miraculous changes, when you already meet those points, and You can save money for rhinoplasty because in your country it counts up to 12,000 dollars. Mexico is a star country in a reconstruction of the nose so you can not be afraid when you do rhinoplasty with a doctor specialized in Mexico.

4. Removal of Bichat bags
Although it is a modern and easy surgery (not so much), it is costly in certain places, especially those that have a lot of prestige. Although now even dentists perform this, it is not recommended. With specialized surgeons this surgery can cost $ 700, it can be cheaper if you make sure doctors do not spend so much money on advertising or things that have nothing to do with surgery, it can cost $ 250.

5. Liposuction
A little dangerous and without care can become an infection, excessive bruising, severe pain, and many more complications. The abdomen is a delicate area because all the time we are in movement, and we do not notice how much liposuction affects our mobility after the operation. The cost is high, it costs 5,800 dollars (speaking of the cheapest places), but now a professional can charge what he wants. This surgery often comes in the famous combos of surgeries that you sell in addition to the surgery you really wish to others. Beware of taking many surgeries at the same time, because of the high amounts of anesthesia that are placed there have been people who have died in the operating room.

6. Bust reduction
One that can even be more expensive than your counter bust increase is breast reduction, which can also be a bit riskier and yet many women are not afraid to perform it to have a simpler life and with less weight (literally ). It can cost up to 5 thousand dollars depending on how experienced the surgeon is and how well known is the place where you are going to have the operation.

7. Fill
There is nothing wrong with having wrinkles if your age already dictates that you have to have them. But if you do not feel comfortable with those furrows that are between the lips and the nose approaching the cheeks, then you can correct them with a hyaluronic acid filling that besides being a compound that dissolves naturally there is a possibility that it will hurt you. It costs approximately roughly 600 dollars.

Liposuction or liposculpture surgery to recover forms

Liposuction or liposculpture surgery to recover forms

Until recently localized fat with its obvious consequences, changes in the appearance of muscles and the silhouette. In general, did not find a visible and concrete solution. An effective way to correct those affected areas of the body is liposuction, which should not be used as an option to lose weight because clearly, it is not.


It is designed from the beginning as corrective surgery in specific areas where the fat has been located and where you do not want to continue seeing. They are areas where alternative treatments have not achieved immediate or concrete results; this technique allows aspirating fat from hips, thighs, knees, arms, which are the most common areas where excess fat is usually located.


This surgery is perfectly compatible with others that complement the intervention and optimize the results.

The methodology to perform a  liposuction Tijuana consists of anesthetizing locally by sedation. The optimal environment to operate is an operating room, and the intervention consists of removing localized fat employing a cannula connected to a specific syringe and working the area on different incisions that were previously pointed out.

After performing the surgery, we proceed to the bandage that will compress the worked area or an elastic fabric, always considering in which area fat was removed.

Areas where intense aspiration work has been performed are common and likely tissue inflammation. Therefore, it is important not to be alarmed by the effects of surgery without having been at least three or four months.

As it is an intervention to eliminate fat in certain areas and not a technique to lose weight is that it is so important that the patient is the right one.


Liposuction is extracted through fat aspiration in marked areas of the body where they are usually deposited and performed surgically.

Abdomen, arms, abdomen, hips are some of the most affected areas as they usually are after pregnancy.

It is necessary that the person who has thought the idea or raised merely, always take into account the details and wisdom of an excellent professional.

The ideal patients for this type of operation are those who are sure of what they want, who have a real vision of the results and expectations.

As it is also necessarily an excellent clinical record, not suffer hypertension, or have gone through other interventions in the area as well as suffering from cardiac pathologies.

As mentioned, it is not another technique to lose weight, so it carries risks like any other intervention and just as it is not an alternative technique or alternative to losing weight, neither is it to remove cellulite.

The most exciting thing about liposuction or liposuction is that it is a more invasive but useful tool to remove that fat that bothers you. It will provide important improvements to your body and will give you more security.

The primary requirement is to find a surgeon who values ​​and prioritizes the patient’s conditions and not only their wishes, as well as having an idea formed of what you want for your body.


La limpieza dental como el mejor tratamiento preventivo

La limpieza dental como el mejor tratamiento preventivo

La limpieza dental Tijuana consiste en un tratamiento de carácter preventivo que contiene en su totalidad el área bucodental. Se puede realizar en cualquier clínica dental, como de prevención se trata, la idea es que no debas ingresar a un consultorio odontológico cuando la situación sea delicada.

Para esto es que la limpieza dental juega un papel muy importante en la prevención, eliminar el sarro dental y que ha quedado adherido a los dientes, es el objetivo para  prevenir caries y cualquier tipo de trastorno.

Es un procedimiento que aún genera resistencias y los pacientes ignoran su metodología.

La limpieza dental o bucal realizado por un profesional es la eliminación de la placa bacteriana y mejora la apariencia estética de tu sonrisa.

Si bien realizar una limpieza de la dentadura diariamente es de suma importancia y protege tu dentadura para posibles caries, no siempre basta.  

Cuando un adulto pierde una pieza dental su causa deriva especialmente de patologías gingivales.

El hueso en donde se basa el diente se encuentra protegido por las encías, estas al sufrir algún tipo de enfermedad dental debilita el hueso y por ende el diente. Finalmente se traduce en la pérdida de la pieza, en el caso de no haber podido ser eficaz el tratamiento.  

Como se puede ver las encías y la prevención son muy importantes para tu salud bucal. Estas al enfermarse perjudican de manera notable el hueso, haciendo de este una base insuficientemente fuerte para sostener el diente.

La limpieza dental en la actualidad cuenta con materiales notablemente distintos a los que antiguamente se utilizaban, hoy se realiza una limpieza dental con instrumentos ultrasónicos, esto demuestra que el avance también ha llegado a la odontología y con el fin de hacerla más efectiva pero también menos ignorada o rechazada por la gente que se rehúsa a realizarse tratamientos preventivos como este.

Con estos materiales innovadores el profesional puede efectuar una buena limpieza dental, con objetivos cumplidos y sin requerir demasiado tiempo del paciente.

Luego de una primera etapa del tratamiento preventivo se procede al pulido dental, en el se utiliza un pasta específica para la limpieza. Se trata de una pasta profiláctica, la idea es pulir todas las piezas para darle el toque final a la dentadura, una apariencia estética mejorada.

El tratamiento, en una serie de sesiones llevan aproximadamente media hora sin contar con efectos dolorosos como consecuencia del mismo. En líneas generales las molestias no deben sentirse, salvo excepciones de una sensibilidad dental importante que un profesional experto sabrá manejar.

La limpieza no puede efectuarse en casos en el que un paciente presente una enfermedad periodontal previamente, luego de haber procedido a su curación es recomendable realizar una limpieza mas profunda.

Una limpieza dental es más que aconsejable para prevenir enfermedades, por ello es importante resaltar que no debe haber ningún tipo de temor al pensar en realizarse una.

Se trata de un tratamiento con una metodología rápida y exitosa. Brinda una protección a futuro, con el fin de mantener una salud dental permanente.

Previamente al iniciar una limpieza, el odontólogo revisará tu historial clínico en un software dental para tener la certeza de no toparse con alguna enfermedad bucal que obstaculice la profilaxis oral.   


Healthy teeth and gums

Healthy teeth and gums

Clean white teeth are not the only thing that defines good dental health: healthy gums also play an essential role in maintaining healthy teeth.


Inappropriate hygiene of the gums can lead to decay or loss of teeth, and therefore, you must take good care of your gums. Here are some tips to keep your gums healthy. Sometimes you just can not achieve perfect teeth, sometimes it’s just the opposite if you want to have healthy and clean teeth follow the tips that appear in the following list, and if that does not work, you can opt for dental veneers Tijuana.


  1. Massage the gums

In addition to brushing, your dental routine should also include an oral massage. It uses a tonic oil, preferably eucalyptus or peppermint because they have antiseptic properties and are known to activate blood flow.


  1. Exercise your mouth

Try to perform this exercise every day after the massage of the teeth. Gently bite down so that the teeth make a slight click when they touch. Do this 30 to 40 times simultaneously. This movement stimulates blood flow and keeps the gums healthy.


  1. Mouthwash is a must

In addition to brushing and flossing, you should also use mouthwash regularly. This product is an antiseptic and helps kill the bacteria that cause bad breath and gum diseases.


  1. Correct brushing

Proper brushing is essential for healthy gums, but do not brush too hard, just apply a little pressure on the teeth. Choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles that do not cut or damage the gums.


  1. Reduce sugar consumption

When you consume sugar, it is combined with bacteria in the mouth and facilitates the formation of plaque. The plaque produces bleeding of the gums, decay, and loss of teeth. Also, remember that sugar and carbonated beverages can dissolve the enamel of your teeth. Therefore, you should reduce your intake to keep the gums healthy.


But still, there are some characteristics of a healthy gum that are an element of utmost importance in the oral cavity, as they hold the teeth are ensuring good chewing. The maintenance of support tissues will be based mainly on proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. However, you must know the aspects that characterize a diseased gum.


  1. Color

A healthy gum is characterized by a light pink or pale tone, showing that the blood supply is good.


Although, the hue of the gum can vary according to the skin pigmentation of each individual.


  1. Without inflammation

A healthy gum will have a thin appearance and a texture similar to that of an orange peel due to the absence of signs of inflammation


  1. No bleeding

In healthy gums, there will be no presence of bleeding under any stimulus. These stimuli refer to the time of tooth brushing, eating or examining the gums.


  1. Covers the entire root

A healthy gum will completely cover the roots of the teeth that are usually not visible. Thanks to the fact that the gum acts as a support and protective barrier.

When do I have to go to the dentist?

One of the leading causes of tooth loss is the diseased gums, their symptoms are not noticed until the disease progresses. If you present any of these signs, it is time that you go for a dental check-up.


  1. Color

A diseased gum you can identify by showing a bright red tone with smooth and shiny texture, indicating that the tissue is sick.


  1. With inflammation

The diseased gums are characterized by looking inflamed and swollen, giving the appearance of small teeth due to the increase in volume.


  1. With bleeding

Usually, the diseased gums present bleeding spontaneously or due to the reaction of some stimulus.


Bleeding from diseased gums can cause halitosis, also called bad breath.


1.Receding goods

When presenting recession or retraction of gums, it causes that the roots of the teeth remain exposed to being susceptible to present dental sensitivity to changes of temperature could even cause discomfort the air emitted when whistling.


  1. Poor oral hygiene

Suffering from diseased gums can be prevented with a proper brushing technique in combination with the use of antiseptic rinses that will decrease the number of bacteria that adhere to the surface of the teeth, preventing future discomfort.


In case you notice bad breath, bleeding, redness, and inflammation of your gums, get close to your dentist where experienced specialists will give you the best attention to your needs.


Erectile dysfunction and psychological causes

Erectile dysfunction and psychological causes

There are dozens of reasons why men suffer from erectile dysfunction, many are related to health issues that interfere with the flow of blood or blood that runs to the penis during an erection such as:


Diabetes, heart problems, obesity, alcohol abuse, smoking, taking drugs, taking certain types of controlled medications, Parkinson’s, heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, lack of sleep or sleep disorders, medicines for cancer treatment, some types of surgeries.


But there are some times that you do not suffer any of the previous ones and even so, you feel disappointed by not being able to enjoy with your partner of satisfactory sexual relations. You have to discover the reason, sometimes it is not as superficial as it would be with an illness.


The brain and our emotions are an essential factor that contributes to our sexual performance; also the brain manages erections that starts with the feeling of sexual arousal. Several things can interfere with sexual feelings and cause or worsen erectile dysfunction. Some of them are:


Depression: It is not a novelty to say that depression is one of the most common diseases of the 21st century and it is rare because a few years ago it was not even considered a disease, but a passing illness, but what is depression really? According to the American Psychiatric Association, “Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Fortunately, it is also treatable. Depression causes feelings of sadness and/or a loss of interest in activities once enjoyed. It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems and can decrease a person’s ability to function at work and at home. “

The medicine for this disease can also be a significant cause of erectile dysfunction that you suffer what is linked, in most cases, to depression and a reduction in the quality of life The causes of erectile dysfunction in patients with depression It is double since they can be psychological or organic. The organic or physical reason caused by the taking of antidepressants and tranquilizers and the other is a psychological cause that also causes depression, making a vicious circle challenging to treat. In the first case, the brain stimulation inhibits the reflex erection due to a fear of failure during the excitement phase, or because one lives stress and high anxiety situation. If the cause is organic, the triggers are the drugs to treat depression, the problem is that, once the drugs are removed, it is maintained by functional inhibition.


Anxiety: Anxiety is basically a defensive mechanism. It is a warning system in situations considered threatening. It is a universal mechanism, occurs in all people, is normal, adaptive, improves performance and the ability to anticipate and respond. However, in some cases, this mechanism works in an altered way, that is, it causes health problems and, instead of helping us, it incapacitates us and sometimes that inability to escape from our hands, and our worries get in the way of our sexual life. Do you think that is happening to you or are you afraid that you can visit a urologist Tijuana to help you.


Stress: Stress can be defined as a set of physiological reactions that occur when a person suffers a state of nervous tension, product of various situations in the workplace or personal. When the body is stressed, it begins to generate more cortisol in the blood that helps the body to produce energy and, in this way, supports the human being to face the problems that concern him. But if these situations are not resolved and cortisol continues to increase for months or years, damage to the organism can occur directly affecting vital functions, including sexual function, one of the most common manifestations of stress are sexual dysfunctions. Trusting sex as an antidote to everyday concerns is not the solution, as these expectations lead to failure. Forcing sexual relations when one feels anxiety usually ends in failure. It is better to focus on the preliminaries, enjoy the kisses and caresses before leaving the mind free.


Problems of a couple: Sometimes not everything is our fault, having issues with our partner does not make the sexual desire increase. Although the frequency is question people sometimes these occasions are very paused by the problems of erectile dysfunction and that the couple does not do much to support, but with a little communication this can be fixed even if the relationship feels very distant.


Dental Care in Mexico

Dental Care in Mexico

Why is dental care better in Mexico than USA? In this article we are going to breakdown some reasons why dental care and dentists are better in our country for different reasons; of course, we do not want to underestimate the dental work in USA, but some things are better than kind of thing here than there.


If we try to do a good research on what dentist in Mexico may be the best for you and your smile makeover in Tijuana , you may be looking very close, if you live in a very central area in a large city of California for example San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco, you can be sure that it will not be cheap, but what is the difference between prices and services between Mexico and the United States and which one should you prefer?



Undoubtedly the most important thing to be able to make this decision is to take into account the quality of the dentist of his work and the materials he uses, but how do we know that it is a quality service? Several things must be taken into account, for example here a small list that you have to take into account:


  1. Honesty: sometimes you do not need what you think you need or want (a lot happened when the braces became fashionable). When a dentist with great confidence tells you that means you can trust him and that he is not just trying to get the money out of your wallet


  1. Explain to you: A person who understands what he does not digress when he tries to make a topic clear to you, if a dentist (in this case) mentions that you need a particular type of dental treatment and you do not understand what you are dealing with. An explanation, if he gives you a clear, concise, sure answer or even gives you references to previous times that have made the treatment they are talking about, then you know that you are in the right hands.


3.Visibility: It talks a lot about where someone works and how is the person or even if he is good at what he does, in health cases sometimes if you have to “judge by the cover” the employees, the website and vital the cleanliness of the place


  1. Empathy: This may be difficult to perceive, but you have to know what is important, if someone knows how to understand you and what is more important to understand your fears and what kind of treatment you deserve, then he will give you individual attention.



Another important aspect so many are putting off going to the dentist is because they can not afford it. Although some dental treatments are not really that expensive but prices have to be inflated or other expert expenses that should not be added but they are like the thousands of dollars that a dentist may be owing to your school that may continue to pay and That makes the price grow, marketing also makes the investment of money (what you pay) is distributed among more things, for you it is more expensive when they ask for many x-rays that sometimes are not even really necessary.



Mexico is the second country that has the most dental tourism in the world, with one million patients per year. Thailand is the first with 1.2 million. This gives a clear notoriety not only for the number of people who trust in Mexican dentists, also because the quality and prices are reasonable. Dental tourism became famous in the most common way, by word of mouth and with recommendations given among family members, friends, and trusted partners. A responsible company cares about the reputation of its office (speaking in the case of dentists) and what a client might think of when they see your website or when someone mentioned their name in a conversation, and I said good things. A quick way in which you can know what others think about the services of some dentist is reviewing the reviews of their facebook page, cannot be deleted and are very sincere.


Are there bad dentists in Mexico?

Absolutely. Just as there are bad dentists in New York, Dallas or Los Angeles. That’s why you need to do your homework. While the legal system and dental regulatory bodies make sure that dental training, supervision and discipline boards are in place to ensure that poor dental practices are identified and eliminated quickly, it is also a good idea to investigate your dental provider. Chosen to see if they are as good or better.


So, why Mexico?

In Mexico, the cost of labor, rent, insurance, and materials is up to 70 percent less than in the USA That is why dental prices fall and quality increases in the long term.


Dental implants, placement and features

Dental implants, placement and features

Surely you’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of ​​placing a dental implant, an idea that may come from an intention to improve your image aesthetically or by the solution that a dentist has given.


Your denture can bring you problems, so it is important to make the right choice.


Therefore you have to give it the deserved attention. A bad chewing can damage other pieces but, also your general well-being.

Pathologies in the gums and collateral damage, culminating in a higher damage in the rest of the pieces.

Therefore when it comes to these moments it is possible to contemplate the idea of ​​the placement of a dental implant.

The important thing is to achieve a good chewing that will result in functioning both in the denture and in the rest of the body. This is where the benefits of a dental implant come from, it is advisable to make a detailed evaluation and different comparisons, in price and quality.

The dental implants in Tijuana are descriptively a screw that is placed in the bone of the jaw and where the new tooth is located. The reasons for its implementation are several and may be due to several reasons, tooth destruction by caries or problems of origin such as the lack of a piece.

The information and advice provided by a good dentist is essential, because not all cases are optimal to place an implant.


First and after a total revision, it is necessary to evaluate the bone mass, if it is the indicated one and the state of the gums.

A good professional evaluates in detail your dentition with an image test, where the presence or absence of bone is verified in the first instance.

A total vision of the state of your gums is made and if they need a treatment beforehand.

Another important factor to consider is your way of biting, otherwise it may happen that you put more pressure than you should.

After the evaluation, in the case of the gums medicinal treatments are used and in the case of lack of bone the alternative of regenerating it using bone or bovine is sought.


In the event that these problems are not resolved, the ideal is to opt for other options.

There are a lot of options in implants, the difference in quality. It is always good that you compare that you can conclude that what is too cheap does not always include a work of excellence.

The best thing is that you do not stay with an alternative and look for different budgets, consider that this type of work should be done by a maxillofacial surgeon or specialized dentist.


Surely it does not feel like an original piece because it is an artificial piece, but this reason should not bring discomfort or pain.

It is an aesthetic treatment that may have some doubts about its durability whose reasons can be given on the integration in the bone and gum, after a personalized evaluation your professional will indicate the steps to follow.

Regardless of these situations and more, the implant is an increasingly successful option.

The Most Effective Dental Treatments

The Most Effective Dental Treatments

Many people are looking for the best way to take care of their teeth. Some of these suffer a lot of damage to their teeth due to genetic issues, accidents or some other factors. These issues cause people to seek solutions for their dental problems. For these reasons, dental care has now become essential, dentistry has become one of the most demanded services and there are several treatments that have become the more solicited, some of these are:


Dental Veneers


Having a Hollywood Smile is the dream of everybody, unfortunately for many people, this is impossible, because they probably have aesthetic problems in their teeth,  such as stains on their teeth, crooked teeth, and some others. Most of the time these problems are only aesthetic and not functional, however, they can affect their confidence and self-esteem and sometimes even can be worst and become in functional problems. Some of the problems can be chipped teeth, stained teeth, misaligned teeth and more.

Dental Veneers are a dental treatment specially created to solve these problems. They are one of the most popular treatments in Cosmetic Dentristy and consists of a thin and custom made veneer that is placed after a thin enamel from the teeth is removed, with the intention of cover the front side of a tooth. Veneers can last up to 20 years or longer depends on the care that they receive.


Dental Braces


Dental braces are other of the most requested dental treatments in dental cosmetics for its effectiveness to correct some common problems in the teeth. They are small pieces of metal or some other materials, which are attached to the tooth to distribute the tension, their objective is to correct all kinds of bite problems, position and alignment of the teeth and in this way achieve a beautiful smile.


There are many types of braces, some of them are:



  • Self Ligating Braces


This type of braces do not need ligatures to attach to the arch of the dental appliance, which allows to have a smoother and faster movement than with conventional braces. In addition, they have less edges than other types of braces, so they are most comfortable to wear for the patient.


  • Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are also called invisible braces or inside braces, this type of braces are placed on the non-visible face of the tooth, so in that way the teeth look better aesthetically.



  • Traditional Braces with Metal Brackets


These are the classic dental braces that we all know because they are the most commonly used. They are made with metal braces which are able to fix any bite or tooth alignment problem for a very economical price.


  • Aesthetic braces

These type of braces are practically transparent and commonly made with sapphire and ceramic because they let in light and allow the natural color of the teeth to be seen. They are the ideal braces for people who are concerned about their aesthetics and don’t want the braces to be noticed.


Dental Implants


Dental implants are screws that’s inserted into the jaw where teeth root used to be. Typically the screws are made out of titanium, although other materials can be used too. The implants acts as replacement for the teeth root, on which a prosthetic can be attached to replace the rest of the teeth above the gum line. This is most common treatments for old people who wish to recover the smile they lost with the years.


Dental Crowns


Dental Crowns Tijuana are the best and effective dental treatment to cover and protect damaged teeth. There are many reasons that can cause a tooth to be damaged, to break or even fall out, some of those reasons can be genetics, falls, bumps, bad oral hygiene or even poor diet. It is very common that people don’t pay attention to these things because they think that are not important until is too late and the damage is done.

But unfortunately, this isn’t true and they are very important if a person has a broken o damaged tooth, it is necessary to treat it as soon as possible to avoid future damage, and the most common treatment that helps to recover a tooth when the damage is done is dental crowns. They are prosthetic devices that have as an objective to improve a tooth appearance, alignment, and shape. And fortunately, the color of the crowns can be matched to the natural color of the teeth, so they look very natural and that’s why they are the best solution to take care of damaged teeth.


One of the most famous places where people usually go to get this treatment is the city of Tijuana, there are many dental clinics that offer many services, including those mentioned above for a very good price. So if you need this treatment, you should start looking for dental crowns.

Difficult dental treatments

Difficult dental treatments

Being a dentists it is hard, why we say it? There are a lot of responsibility in your back. When someone put his trust, beauty and health in your hands is when you realize how import is your job. Always in the same job there are different degrees of difficulty, for some dentist some things could be easier than others, and that is exactly the theme we are going to talk today.


1.Local anesthesia

Although it is small possibility and is not a dental treatment but is a big part of it, you know you could die with the local anesthesia? It is extremely rare that anesthesia would be a cause of death. The truth is that you do dot have to worry about that, in the last 40 years the anesthesia has been update and improve in his formula. The appearance of equipment and anesthesia techniques has reduced the surgical mortality, which in other times was very high, to minimum levels.


2.Dental crowns

When you search pictures of dental crowns in Google it would be a little bit gross. Before put the dental crowns it have to put fixed dental prosthesis in the damage teeth, first the dentist open the zone and digging putting out the root of the teeth, and then the dentist designs a tooth mold that will be used to prepare a provisional crown. Once the relevant impressions have been taken, it is time to perform the dental carving after the administration of local anesthesia, where the tooth will be sculptured, giving it a shape that will allow implanting the crown with the adjustments that are desired. But in the hands of a dental expert in dental crowns Tijuana you have nothing to worry about.


3.Root canal

Some people it is afraid for this procedure, although has his hardest part can be less afraid if you research more information on internet and all the diseases you going to skip only for remove a part or sometimes completely damaged tooth pulp. The pulp is a connective tissue, located in the central part of the teeth, just where the blood vessels that feed the nerves are concentrated. This procedure cure the pain to your teeth and the infection, a rotten tooth has to scare you more than a root canal.



If you have been running from the tooth extraction stop to be enduring the pain, go with you dentist, don´t be afraid he is going to be gentle with your denture. The procedure is simple, the area is disinfected and a little needle near of your tooth is injected , after do not feel nothing everything is going to be easier


5.All in 4 implants


Maybe knowing that you have 4 implants in your mouth sounds a bit painful, but you do not have to worry, having a nice denture will make it all worthwhile, although some things that used to be common now will be complicated in a small degree, such as speaking, difficulty adapting to bridge bulk. To put it you have to make a large scale in the tooth, that’s why it’s on this list.


6.Bone Graft

It may be a practice not as well known as the previous ones in the list, but this technique is used when the person needs to fill some deficiency of bone in the teeth or even in the jaw, if this is your case, do not fear, in the hands of a good dentist this is a quick technique not so cheap and is charged for each tooth. The graft may be reabsorbed or rejected by the body and that is not to mention the swelling and pain, so try to choose the right dentist.


7.Sinus Lift

It’s a technique that maybe before going to a dentist and mentioning that you need it, you have not thought about it. Not being a very famous technique among very famous people with the help of the Colgate article we will explain what are the risks.

The main risk of a sinus lift is that the sinus membrane could be punctured or torn. If the membrane is torn during the procedure, the surgeon will either stitch the sinus tear or place a patch over it. If the repair is not successful, your surgeon may stop the procedure and give the hole time to heal.

Your dentist can redo the sinus lift once the membrane has healed. This usually takes a few months. A healed membrane tends to be thicker and stronger, which means a second attempt at a sinus lift is likely to be successful. However, other factors also affect success.

Infection is a risk of any surgical procedure. However, this occurs after sinus lifts.

On rare occasions, the existing bone does not integrate with the bony graft material, and the grafted area does not develop a blood supply. If this happens, any implants placed in this area will fail because there is no live bone for them to attach to. If this happens, you can have the sinus lift procedure repeated.


How Foreign Medical Students can Find the Best Clinical Rotations

How Foreign Medical Students can Find the Best Clinical Rotations

If your dream is to become a doctor in America, there are a number of steps you must go through, and finding the best clinical rotations for medical students is a crucial step in the process. Applying for a US Medical Residency as an international student can be arduous and pose a number of pitfalls difficult to navigate. These tips are intended to help readers get the residency they want, regardless of their home country of origin.

Ace Your Exams

Clearly, your chance of getting your dream medical rotation will hinge on your exam scores, so you want to ace them. Keep in mind that as an international residency applicant you will be competing against thousands of others who have the same goals. Your scores will be the main thing that advocates for you alongside any company you invest in that helps you get your ideal residency. Simply put, scoring well on your exams can’t be emphasized enough.

In some cases, an international student’s only chance at making a lasting first impression is through exam scores. So don’t take the USMLE Step I or II, or COMLEX Levels I and II for granted. This is exactly why students should create a solid plan throughout their preclinical years to achieve a high score on the USMLE Step I exam. Based on the school you’re attending, you may be required to take the USMLE Step I exam before or after your clinical rotations start. So plan everything out.

When most people are in their third year of medical school, they take the USMLE Step II and taken one year after clinical rotations start. And this is often the third year of med school for most students. Regardless or not whether your school requires the completion of a test after each main rotation, acquire a question bank to work with over the years and tackle each specialty during the corresponding prim rotation.

Finally, the scheduling of your USMLE Step II tests should be a concern because you will need to be ECFMG-certified (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) to be regarded as a considerable applicant for most American residency programs.

Personal Statements

All too often students put together personal statements out of necessity and give them little thought. And though they may not be regarded as crucial pieces, they in fact have the power to make your application stand out above the thousands of other applicants seeking American medical rotations and US clinical experience.

If you partner with an agency that specializes in helping international students get residency programs in America, they will likely help you with your personal statement. But if you are relying on your own capabilities to put this together, these tips will help.

You should have your personal statement completed by the time you request a recommendation letter. This will give a perspective on why you are choosing the specific specialty you are applying to. Many of the larger programs have several tracks such as research, global health, emergency medicine, and so on. This is why your personal statement should be customized to the track you are applying to. Avoid a generic letter and using a variety of specialties because it is rather telling that you are not as committed as others.