Prices of the most famous aesthetic surgeries

Surgeries have always been famous but since the beginning of the century have been more achievable for the general population that saves for a while, not as before that only renowned and wealthy people could now ambition, and anyone can pay.

With the vital thing that little by little beauty is becoming increasingly so do cosmetic surgery Tijuana. For example, with social networks, it has become so essential to have a spectacular body and a perfectly delineated face. But the truth is that this is not always born, that is why many surgeons come to the rescue and promise very good results.

We can be confident that surgical methods are better than 30 years ago when anything was a danger, or you could not be really sure what the result was going to be. Nowadays, we can already know more easily what the previous works of a surgeon have been through the internet pages or their photos on social networks.

Now we can review the most expensive surgeries and how they are performed.

1. Breast implants
One of the most requested and accepted by women in Switzerland costs 10,273 dollars, and Venezuela costs 7,384 dollars, which in the last one is more expensive due to its demand and among the cheapest in India, with 1,624 dollars you can operate. There may be cheaper places, but you have to put your health first, a place too clandestine where they will not be responsible for the operation if something goes wrong.

2. Gluteoplasty
In countries where it is more usual to have the buttocks operated and where it is more common the operation is absolutely in the states of Latin America where a voluptuous body is loved by all men and women, and that is the rule in what is an attractive body. You can get a price of up to $ 20,000, but if you look well, you can find it in Mexico for 4,500. It is not easy to find reasonable prices, and at the same time, they give you quality, excellent service, and guarantees, research everything you can.

3. Rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty is one of the most cared-for surgeries, and you have to choose a professional to carry it out, it is essential always to follow the recommendations of the doctors and not be waiting for miraculous changes, when you already meet those points, and You can save money for rhinoplasty because in your country it counts up to 12,000 dollars. Mexico is a star country in a reconstruction of the nose so you can not be afraid when you do rhinoplasty with a doctor specialized in Mexico.

4. Removal of Bichat bags
Although it is a modern and easy surgery (not so much), it is costly in certain places, especially those that have a lot of prestige. Although now even dentists perform this, it is not recommended. With specialized surgeons this surgery can cost $ 700, it can be cheaper if you make sure doctors do not spend so much money on advertising or things that have nothing to do with surgery, it can cost $ 250.

5. Liposuction
A little dangerous and without care can become an infection, excessive bruising, severe pain, and many more complications. The abdomen is a delicate area because all the time we are in movement, and we do not notice how much liposuction affects our mobility after the operation. The cost is high, it costs 5,800 dollars (speaking of the cheapest places), but now a professional can charge what he wants. This surgery often comes in the famous combos of surgeries that you sell in addition to the surgery you really wish to others. Beware of taking many surgeries at the same time, because of the high amounts of anesthesia that are placed there have been people who have died in the operating room.

6. Bust reduction
One that can even be more expensive than your counter bust increase is breast reduction, which can also be a bit riskier and yet many women are not afraid to perform it to have a simpler life and with less weight (literally ). It can cost up to 5 thousand dollars depending on how experienced the surgeon is and how well known is the place where you are going to have the operation.

7. Fill
There is nothing wrong with having wrinkles if your age already dictates that you have to have them. But if you do not feel comfortable with those furrows that are between the lips and the nose approaching the cheeks, then you can correct them with a hyaluronic acid filling that besides being a compound that dissolves naturally there is a possibility that it will hurt you. It costs approximately roughly 600 dollars.