How a Cell Phone Charging Station can Attract More Patients and Improve their Experience

Maintaining a high patient satisfaction score is critical for private practices, hospitals and clinics. From a physician’s bedside manner, to waiting room atmospheres, and from communication to the process for scheduling appointments, if patients feel inconvenienced not only will they leave and go seek care elsewhere, but word of mouth will spread like wildfire. 

As we advance through a tech boom, private practices and other healthcare facilities are learning that they can implement a number of tech solutions into their waiting room to attract patients and maintain high satisfaction levels. One of the best investments a healthcare provider can make is to invest in a multi device cell phone charging station for hospitals or private practices. Not only does a cell phone charging station allow for multiple phones, tablets and laptops to stay charged, but custom tech solutions can be implemented to help improve operational efficiency, improve patient retention, and even perform marketing operations. 

A Cell Phone Charging Station Kills Boredom, and Keeps Patients Calm

We all know what it is like to be away from home and suddenly our cell phones emit a warning letting us know our battery is dangerously low: panic and frustration are common. And when people are in painfully dull situations like waiting in the DMV, or sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, mobile device usage goes up and battery juice goes down. Some medical waiting rooms think that adding a TV is sufficient, but people don’t want to watch the same thing and many view it as an annoyance. Ultimately, people want to access their own accounts and engage with their own entertainment on an individual level. So by providing a cell phone charging station near seating areas, patients can stay connected and avoid the ennui that is boredom. 

A Cell Phone Charging Station can Improve Office Efficiency 

A ton of manpower and hours are wasted on scheduling appointments; patients are constantly canceling and rebooking dates, and not only does this take office staff away from other tasks but this can cause phone lines to be tied up–a major complaint patients have with their doctor’s office. 

Companies like KwikBoost can design a custom cell phone charging station for hospital waiting rooms and private practices that have interactive appointment booking software that syncs with the doctor’s live schedule, as well as the patient’s own Google Calendar. This way appointments can be booked with better accuracy, as the patients can do this while engaging their own schedule, and it frees up availability with office staff. 


A custom cell phone charging station can also collect crucial data from patients that reflects their satisfaction with the care they are getting, and that reveals their overall satisfaction with the customer experience. This data can help marketing teams know exactly what common pain points are, as well as the things people appreciate the most–crucial data for marketing to niche audiences. Custom software in a cell phone charging station can also educate patients about things like flu shots, the importance of getting regular checkups, and even advertise a referral program. This software can also advertise other physicians and their unique specialties that fall under the same health care provider. 

Contact a commercial cell phone charging station company today and learn more about the benefits of outfitting your waiting room with a state-of-the-art cell phone charging station for your patients.