Caring For The Heart

As a person ages, the structures of the organism deteriorate, which can cause diseases because all the functionalities that the organs perform and everything that makes up the body is deteriorating. One area where more problems regularly occur is in the circulatory system, being more specific, the heart.

This muscle is a pump that continually expels blood throughout the body so that nutrients, minerals, oxygen, red and white blood cells, platelets and plasma are distributed to each part of the body so that each tissue does its job correctly. For this, the heart is divided into two parts, the right half sends blood exclusively to the lungs for oxygen, while the left directs the blood contained to the rest of the structures. Due to the complex task that the heart has, it needs the necessary energy to be able to carry out the force that will drive the blood to the whole body.

One of the issues for which the heart may have problems is due to cholesterol; This element is considered as one of the most harmful components for health, because the significant amount of this element in the blood can generate deposits where blood flows, causing them to become clogged and that there is a heart attack. Although it can harm health, it is an essential compound for the functionality of the body as it helps digest fats and some hormones. But in order not to lose its primary purpose, the person must be within normal parameters to avoid excess cholesterol in the blood.

Speaking about heart attacks, this disease is one of the most frequent in elderly patients and in people who lead an unhealthy lifestyle, for this reason, older adults seek senior care in Mexico to be able to take more exceptional care. Currently, heart attacks are part of the three leading causes of mortality worldwide.

What happens with this disease is the arteries become clogged and don’t allow the passage of blood to the tissues, causing the death of the cells due to the lack of oxygenation in the area. It is necessary to emphasize that this condition does not only occur in the heart but can occur in different organs of the body.

Some risk factors that can cause cell death are:

Cholesterol- just as mentioned, high percentages of fat cause more fat to circulate through the veins, so there is a high possibility of forming fat deposits.

Hypertension- high blood pressure is a factor that is increasing in society and is usually associated with high sodium content in the body. High blood pressure occurs because the body increases its force to send blood to the body, this caused by the deterioration of the arteries.

Tobacco- one of the elements that make up cigarettes is nicotine; this compound has a direct effect on the arteries because it causes them to decrease in size. Like the cigar increases free radicals in the blood.

Sedentarism- the lack of physical activity in a person, has an impact on the elimination response of toxins in the organs, so all these wastes continuously flow in the blood, causing an accumulation of harmful elements.

Overweight- the more weight a person has, the stronger the heart will perform because its function is to send necessary amounts to all organs and the more robust the body is, the more work it will cost.

These are some of the factors for which there may be problems in the heart, only in heart attacks but in any disease that this muscle can present. To stay healthy and in good condition, the person must maintain an ideal weight (as established), must have a balanced diet to nourish the body, need to exercise daily to increase oxygenation of cells and elimination of toxins and finally have to keep a healthy routine where tobacco consumption is eliminated. All of these will allow the heart to work correctly.