Men’s Preferred Surgeries

Just as women usually go to a surgeon to have some plastic surgery done, nowadays, many men go to surgery to be able to achieve the body they want so much. It is increasingly common to meet men who have undergone some cosmetic surgery. Although it was previously frowned upon or a little strange for men to do this, today, it is no longer something that causes noise in society. More and more men are opting for surgery, and more and more surgeons are working with the characteristics of a man’s anatomy to modify his appearance to meet his physical and personal needs.

Although many surgeries can be performed on men worldwide, these people often resort to treatments such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery, or those aimed at weight loss.

Liposuction/ Lipolysis

The purpose of liposuction is to remove the fat that is found in areas that are difficult to remove. For example, one of the most difficult areas may be the area of the arms, the chin, certain areas of the back and the abdomen. This treatment is carried out when, in spite of exercising or eating properly, this area of adipocytes cannot be reduced.

On the other hand, lipolysis allows the appearance of the muscles to be improved, making the area look much more toned. Many men opt for this treatment to enhance the appearance of the abdomen. The combination of these two procedures offers men the opportunity to eliminate the fat that causes so much discomfort and modify the lateral and central area of the abdomen.


This treatment is indicated for those people who present unconformities in the nose area, either because of its size or width. And although this is one of the most popular surgeries in men, it is also popular in women. For the procedure of this surgery, the surgeon will analyze the facial proportions to give the patient an idea of how the nose may look after this procedure. Many times, when people have problems in the nose associated with weak breathing, rhinoplasty can solve these difficulties.

Eyelid surgery

Many times, because of genetics or age, the area of the eyelids is weakened, causing the muscle and skin to fall. This can not only affect an individual’s appearance but can also cause certain visual unconformities. Many times, drooping eyelids cause the individual’s appearance to look older and more tired, which is why many men opt for this surgery to give the face a much younger physique. To perform this procedure, the surgeon will remove the excess skin, muscle, and fat found in the area; this way, the eye will look more open and vivid.

Weight loss surgery

Men who decide to undergo this type of weight loss surgery in Tijuana is because it is complicated to eliminate the fat that is in your body. These surgical procedures are usually more focused on men who may have a high body mass index, overweight, or obesity. Weight loss surgeries are not indicated for everyone, so it will be necessary to see a surgeon so that he can determine if the person is a candidate for these surgeries.