The Most Innovative Dental Treatments

Something we should all worry about is to keep healthy teeth and an enviable smile. In the past having good dental health and keeping a beautiful smile was a bit complicated because the dental treatments to achieve it were scarce, long and had a very high cost. This limited access to dental treatments. Fortunately, today getting an enviable smile is no longer impossible, advances in dentistry have been so great that now there are many treatments through which you can get beautiful teeth.

Some of the most innovative dental treatments that have made many people achieve their dream of having a white and radiant smile are:

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are small, thin pieces of porcelain with a color similar to that of the tooth that is cemented to the front surfaces of natural teeth, with the aim of addressing a variety of physical and aesthetic problems in the teeth.

The procedure to place the dental veneers is developed as follows:

First, the dentist takes an impression of the dental area to be able to adjust the veneer to the size of the natural tooth.

Once you have the piece, a test is done to confirm that it was left with the correct measurement. Afterward, a small part of the tooth is smoothed so that it can be adjusted to the surface of the gum and the teeth with the aim that the veneer protrudes and has a natural appearance. To finish, stick the veneer on the tooth with resinous cement and ready.

The advantage of dental veneers is that they do not need special care, the person who uses dental veneers can continue to wash their teeth in the same way that they do commonly, just in case they do not use dental floss it will be necessary to use it. It is recommended that a dentifrice containing fluoride be used to achieve better cleaning.

It is very common that this treatment was used in cases such as:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Dental Pigmentation
  • Dental Wear
  • Dental chipping
  • Openings between the teeth

Veneers make it possible for a person to obtain and maintain a bright white smile. It is very difficult to see spots on the dental veneers, so you are assured that you will get a bright and lasting smile.


Invisalign is a new technique to obtain a white and bright smile without the need for wires, brackets and other moving parts, such as elastic. This type of treatment is ideal for people who want a discreet treatment.

Invisalign allows all kinds of dental corrections to be made from transparent splints, known as aligners. These aligners are made with a material similar to plastic, which makes them practically invisible. These aligners are removable, which makes them ideal to have better oral hygiene because it allows that the teeth can be brushed in a normal way and that the food can be chewed in the normal way.

Advantages of this dental treatment

  • The aligners used to correct the teeth are transparent and practically invisible.
  • Dental splints are removable, which improves dental hygiene and helps prevent cavities.
  • The final results are practically the same as those obtained with braces with the advantage that it does not interfere with the aesthetics or dental hygiene.
  • Since no wires, no arches, no braces are needed, the treatment is very comfortable.
  • There are no restrictions on food as with braces, nor with the practice of sports.

All On Four

The new All-on-4 treatment provides an effective and fast restoration for patients who need teeth because it is aimed at restoring all the teeth of the upper or lower arch with a reduced number of dental implants.

Through this new technique, the implantation process has been simplified. One of the main characteristics of this treatment is that only 4 implants are placed in the dental arch, without the need to previously graft bone and with a higher percentage of success compared to the rest of implantology techniques.

So the old technique of having to insert 8 or 12 implants is discarded, now it is enough with the placement of 4 implants to achieve the desired smile.

Here are the different types of All-on-4 implants:

  • Standard

This type of implant is used in patients who have enough bone in the upper jaw, where the 4 dental implants are placed.

  • Hybrid

This type of implant is used in patients who have lost part of the bone located in the back of the maxilla.

  • Zygoma

This type of implant is for those patients who have lost the entire maxillary bone. The insertion of four zygoma implants is done. This implant allows the rehabilitation and dental restoration without the need to graft bone.

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Dental Whitening

Teeth whitening is another of the most common dental treatments to obtain a beautiful smile. In this treatment rubber molds that can be adjusted to the denture of the patient are made, later the gums are protected with a rubber protector before applying a whitening gel that will make the teeth shine glistening white.

Although currently there are other types of teeth whitening, such as laser teeth whitening, which is used to accelerate the process by reacting with the previously applied gel in the dental area that you want to whiten. The final results of whitening begin to be noticed a few weeks after the treatment is applied.

This technique is quite used nowadays because it is very simple and not as expensive as others.