Liposuction or liposculpture surgery to recover forms

Until recently localized fat with its obvious consequences, changes in the appearance of muscles and the silhouette. In general, did not find a visible and concrete solution. An effective way to correct those affected areas of the body is liposuction, which should not be used as an option to lose weight because clearly, it is not.


It is designed from the beginning as corrective surgery in specific areas where the fat has been located and where you do not want to continue seeing. They are areas where alternative treatments have not achieved immediate or concrete results; this technique allows aspirating fat from hips, thighs, knees, arms, which are the most common areas where excess fat is usually located.


This surgery is perfectly compatible with others that complement the intervention and optimize the results.

The methodology to perform a  liposuction Tijuana consists of anesthetizing locally by sedation. The optimal environment to operate is an operating room, and the intervention consists of removing localized fat employing a cannula connected to a specific syringe and working the area on different incisions that were previously pointed out.

After performing the surgery, we proceed to the bandage that will compress the worked area or an elastic fabric, always considering in which area fat was removed.

Areas where intense aspiration work has been performed are common and likely tissue inflammation. Therefore, it is important not to be alarmed by the effects of surgery without having been at least three or four months.

As it is an intervention to eliminate fat in certain areas and not a technique to lose weight is that it is so important that the patient is the right one.


Liposuction is extracted through fat aspiration in marked areas of the body where they are usually deposited and performed surgically.

Abdomen, arms, abdomen, hips are some of the most affected areas as they usually are after pregnancy.

It is necessary that the person who has thought the idea or raised merely, always take into account the details and wisdom of an excellent professional.

The ideal patients for this type of operation are those who are sure of what they want, who have a real vision of the results and expectations.

As it is also necessarily an excellent clinical record, not suffer hypertension, or have gone through other interventions in the area as well as suffering from cardiac pathologies.

As mentioned, it is not another technique to lose weight, so it carries risks like any other intervention and just as it is not an alternative technique or alternative to losing weight, neither is it to remove cellulite.

The most exciting thing about liposuction or liposuction is that it is a more invasive but useful tool to remove that fat that bothers you. It will provide important improvements to your body and will give you more security.

The primary requirement is to find a surgeon who values ​​and prioritizes the patient’s conditions and not only their wishes, as well as having an idea formed of what you want for your body.