Steps to Follow for the Proper Care of an Elderly Person

Taking care of an older person is not as easy as it seems and yet everyone at some point is in the situation where they have to take care of one, family or friend, and nobody prepares them or teaches them how to do it, which can be quite frustrating and even become a more difficult task than it really is. Older people need special care because when they reach a certain age, performing tasks that seem simple enough, such as dressing, feeding, walking, among others, becomes very difficult and complicated. Also, simple things such as eating changes a lot, because an older person cannot eat what a young person or an adult eats, the nutrients they need are different and also the food they can chew.

Many times people think that older adults are receiving adequate care simply because they have food, a roof, clothes, and all the essencial things human beings need to live, but caring for an older person goes far beyond that, they need a person who can be 100% aware of their needs, as with a baby. Although it is true that taking care of an elderly person is a difficult task, there are some tips that can help to have the proper care to avoid putting the health of the elderly at risk.

Here are some steps that a person needs to follow in order to take good care of an old person:

Make a diagnosis of the needs of the elderly

Taking care of 100% of the needs of an older person is impossible, it will always be necessary for them to attend at least the doctor, so that they can tell you exactly what their health conditions are and who needs medicines, special care, and food. In addition to all this, it is necessary to talk to the older person and ask how they feel, what they need and what they want, because certain information will only be able to be provided by the older person, in order to be able to do a diagnosis of what is the best way to take care of the elderly.

Take care of the personal hygiene of the elderly

The hygiene of the elderly is something that should be paid close attention because bad hygiene can cause not only that a person suffers from low self-esteem and insecurity, but can be the cause of many diseases.

For the elderly it is very difficult to bathe and dress themselves, that’s why they often stop doing it and do not bathe or change for days. To avoid this it is necessary to be aware of them and ask them if they have already bathed or smelled them to know if a bath is necessary or not.

Things like cutting their nails, cleaning their ears and brushing their teeth are also very necessary.

Establish a daily routine for the elderly

It is very common for older people to feel useless and that can lead them to feel depressed and not want to get out of bed. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to create a daily routine where they can stay busy throughout the day and in this way feel that they are useful. Also, the routine is very important to take care of the memory because it helps them to remember the things that they have to do, and therefore their health.

Keep a record of medications

It is very common for the elderly to need medicines that help them to continue leading a healthy life. After a certain age, all the care that wasn’t taken with the body starts to become noticeable and it reflects in diseases or illnesses, in order to control them and continue leading a normal and healthy life it is necessary to ingest certain medications that have a schedule and a dose that must be followed to the letter in order to lead a healthy life.

Older people often forget things and that’s the reason why them forget to take their medications or many times because they simply do not want to do it because they convince themselves that they do not need them. This is why it is very necessary a person that can keep a record of the medications and help them.

Always stay alert and do not leave them alone for a long period of time

The elderly, like babies, need to be looked after at all the time, because they need help to perform daily tasks such as grooming, eating, bathing and in addition to these common activities, losing strength in the body, not seeing well and forgetting things can put them in danger. That is why is very necessary to stay alert and don’t leave them alone for a long period of time.

All these tasks are difficult to perform and many times people do not have the necessary time to perform them properly, even if they want to, so it is always recommended that if you do not have the time or ability to care of an elderly person in an appropriate way, choose elderly care México, where they will be able to attend any elderly person in the right way.