Food Truck Builders Handling Paperwork with the Health Department

The two most distinct pieces of America’s culture are its Cuisine and its love for the road. A significant aspect of the States being united are the trucks driving around roads that bring together all 50 States. Food trucks and subsequent food truck builders brought the two together, putting America’s most beloved delicacies and foods on the road.

Food Truck Builders That Help You All The Way

As more restaurants, entrepreneurs and firms rush to get one built; they soon discover that the problems don’t end once you pay. Your food truck builder varies as of which point of the journey they will leave you to fend for yourself. Here at Legion Food truck Builders, we take you all the way. Soon after purchasing your food truck, many buyers discover hundreds of paperwork that needs to be filled and approved. Also present is a bureaucratic obstacle course made in goodwill but which may quickly end up being a nightmare.

Our food truck building continues long after the truck is completed. We help you navigate the piles of paperwork with the various federal agencies such as the health department. We also help you deal with the bureaucratic nightmare of obtaining state and local permits to have your food truck roaming in the streets.

Working with a great truck building company such as Legion, you won’t be waiting for decades to get approval. Our logo and long years of reliability and accountability give you a vital head start; your food truck will soon be spreading happiness on the streets. We have also been filing paperwork for years now and have had hundreds of trucks approved; the experience works to our advantage.

You get a Nationwide Approach

America is a vast nation, and its laws are as diverse as the country itself. Getting approved in Texas is a different animal compared to getting approval in Washington. With our several years of experience, we will help you get approved in your jurisdiction within the shortest time possible.

You Get the Best One in America

We will build you the best-customized food truck in America, in terms of comfort, reliability, affordability, and value for money. Our food trucks are made with the end customer in mind. Your food truck will have the highest quality Rust Belt steel together with the best production practices in the nation.  

We Value Your Bucks

Here at Legion, we will give you the best value for money together with a variety of payment options. Our finance options include a General Loan, crowdfunding, and other options that offer lots of flexibility.

At Legion food Trucks, we make the process of acquiring a food truck an experience. From the moment you make us an order to that moment, you drive out with one of the finest food trucks in the nation. Legion Food Trucks is where the burger meets the road.  For more inquiries or to make us part of your food truck journey, contact us today and we will be more than willing to assist.