How can you know if you are a candidate for a bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a set of medical procedures designed to combat obesity and weight gain, they consist of removing a certain part of the stomach in order to reduce the appetite and the amount of food a person consumes, so it is as if it is physiologically impossible to get out of a diet and, by reducing the amount of food eaten , the weight is reduced.

The two best-known types of bariatric surgery are bypass and gastric sleeve. The first, on one hand, is to leave the stomach the size of a walnut with capacity for 28 grams of food, and the second to leave it at only a quarter of its original capacity. In both cases the same result is achieved. However, gastric sleeves are considered to provide a greater range of foods that can be consumed.

These types of procedures are usually chosen as a last instance in case it is impossible to do a diet and an exercise routine or if the patient is unable to perform them. Therefore, not everyone requires bariatric surgery to reduce their weight. Consequently, it is necessary to analyze whether you are a candidate for these operations.

The first factor that makes a person a candidate for bariatric surgery is body mass index. If this is greater than 40, this procedure may be considered to reduce weight. Similarly, it is considered that, in addition to BMI, it is considered to be determined whether he has tried to diet before, because if the person is able to cope with one, surgery is not necessary.

Another important factor to consider in order to know if you are a candidate for such a procedure are the comorities and plans that you have, because  in addition to obesity you have psychological problems associated with eating you cannot undergo the procedure, the same goes for women who plan to have children, because a very small stomach puts the nutritional needs of the baby at risk during pregnancy.

Tijuana: The best place for bariatric surgery

In the world of bariatric surgery there is much talk of Tijuana, as it is a city widely known for its medical procedures. Many patients who have been treated in this part of the state of Baja California have had excellent results, as well as having had an extremely low incidence of complications arising directly from the operation.

Tijuana is one of the cities where clinics specialized in cosmetic surgery abound the most at the continental level, as the high influx of doctors from this branch of medicine from neighboring countries such as the United States is high, so there is a wide offer for bariatric surgery Tijuana .

Bariatric surgery in Tijuana is indeed an excellent alternative for those who have had to perform such procedures and are budgeted enough to travel abroad to carry out these plans, as the service is excellent and the long-term results are visible in the vast majority of patients.