How to know if I need bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a procedure in which the size is reduced to some extent and, consequently, the capacity of the stomach, this in order to reduce the appetite that a person feels, so, obesity problems are solved.

However, this solution is not suitable for everyone, there are several factors in determining a person’s eligibility to undergo this procedure. This fact raises a lot of concerns for people suffering from obesity, so today we’re going to determine if you really need bariatric surgery.

Try different diets and exercises

You should know that bariatric surgery should be the last option to resort to, because the effects it has are for life, and you shouldn’t take the weight of this decision lightly. To find out if you are eligible for such procedures you must take into consideration these two factors.

The first is to try different diets, if you decide to undergo the procedure after failing a single diet, you may be making a mistake, the reality is that diets are very diverse, and there are many ways of eating that you can choose. You can try following several diets, and if you don’t see long-term results, you can consider bariatric surgery.


The second is to try several exercise routines, they don’t have to be limited to running or doing push-ups, you can consult a specialist so that, based on your skills, design an exercise routine that is convenient for you, if you don’t see results, you can try other routines, and if you really feel that you are not losing weight, you can opt for bariatric surgery.

Choosing the most appropriate bariatric surgery

If you think bariatric surgery is the best alternative, after you’ve tried multiple options, then you’ll also need to determine which of the two main types of surgeries  is the  best for you, the alternatives may be bypass and gastric sleeve.

The least invasive bariatric surgery is the gastric sleeve, which consists of reducing the size of the stomach to the measurements of a banana by cutting a part of the left side of this organ, in this way, you will have less appetite and you will be able to follow a more rigorous diet, which allows you to reduce your weight considerably in the long-term.

The most radical of bariatric surgeries, recommended only in extreme cases, is gastric bypass, where the size of the stomach is the equivalent of the measurements of a  walnut, and the capacity is reduced to about twenty grams. In this case, more long-term results are noticed, which is why it is recommended to few people. Depending on how overweight you may be, you can choose between these two types. 

One of the countries where bariatric surgery is perfected is Mexico, to such an extent that many people attend these procedures a year in this country, in the so-called medical tourism. Gastric sleeve surgery  Mexico has achieved good results in its patients and has allowed many to have an ideal weight for life.