Dental Care in Mexico

Why is dental care better in Mexico than USA? In this article we are going to breakdown some reasons why dental care and dentists are better in our country for different reasons; of course, we do not want to underestimate the dental work in USA, but some things are better than kind of thing here than there.


If we try to do a good research on what dentist in Mexico may be the best for you and your smile makeover in Tijuana , you may be looking very close, if you live in a very central area in a large city of California for example San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco, you can be sure that it will not be cheap, but what is the difference between prices and services between Mexico and the United States and which one should you prefer?



Undoubtedly the most important thing to be able to make this decision is to take into account the quality of the dentist of his work and the materials he uses, but how do we know that it is a quality service? Several things must be taken into account, for example here a small list that you have to take into account:


  1. Honesty: sometimes you do not need what you think you need or want (a lot happened when the braces became fashionable). When a dentist with great confidence tells you that means you can trust him and that he is not just trying to get the money out of your wallet


  1. Explain to you: A person who understands what he does not digress when he tries to make a topic clear to you, if a dentist (in this case) mentions that you need a particular type of dental treatment and you do not understand what you are dealing with. An explanation, if he gives you a clear, concise, sure answer or even gives you references to previous times that have made the treatment they are talking about, then you know that you are in the right hands.


3.Visibility: It talks a lot about where someone works and how is the person or even if he is good at what he does, in health cases sometimes if you have to “judge by the cover” the employees, the website and vital the cleanliness of the place


  1. Empathy: This may be difficult to perceive, but you have to know what is important, if someone knows how to understand you and what is more important to understand your fears and what kind of treatment you deserve, then he will give you individual attention.



Another important aspect so many are putting off going to the dentist is because they can not afford it. Although some dental treatments are not really that expensive but prices have to be inflated or other expert expenses that should not be added but they are like the thousands of dollars that a dentist may be owing to your school that may continue to pay and That makes the price grow, marketing also makes the investment of money (what you pay) is distributed among more things, for you it is more expensive when they ask for many x-rays that sometimes are not even really necessary.



Mexico is the second country that has the most dental tourism in the world, with one million patients per year. Thailand is the first with 1.2 million. This gives a clear notoriety not only for the number of people who trust in Mexican dentists, also because the quality and prices are reasonable. Dental tourism became famous in the most common way, by word of mouth and with recommendations given among family members, friends, and trusted partners. A responsible company cares about the reputation of its office (speaking in the case of dentists) and what a client might think of when they see your website or when someone mentioned their name in a conversation, and I said good things. A quick way in which you can know what others think about the services of some dentist is reviewing the reviews of their facebook page, cannot be deleted and are very sincere.


Are there bad dentists in Mexico?

Absolutely. Just as there are bad dentists in New York, Dallas or Los Angeles. That’s why you need to do your homework. While the legal system and dental regulatory bodies make sure that dental training, supervision and discipline boards are in place to ensure that poor dental practices are identified and eliminated quickly, it is also a good idea to investigate your dental provider. Chosen to see if they are as good or better.


So, why Mexico?

In Mexico, the cost of labor, rent, insurance, and materials is up to 70 percent less than in the USA That is why dental prices fall and quality increases in the long term.